Barbero Nocciole è partner Corifrut

The synergy with CORIFRUT Società Agricola Cooperativa, the culture of quality that drives us constantly to select only the finest hazelnuts season after season and the extreme care with which we store the processed product are all indicators of Barbero’s vocation as partner of big companies in the confectionery industry.

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Choosing us gives you more than one guarantee.


Barbero’s hazelnuts, finished and semi-finished products focus on the fruits of the territory. The Nocciola Piemonte PGI is the heart of our production, a product with unique organoleptic characteristics in terms of aroma and persistence. CORIFRUT guarantees Barbero the best harvests, and an accurate selection of other types of hazelnuts from all over the world is always subject to further meticulous selection and quality control.


The best results in terms of production and quality cannot be achieved without taking into account the impact of processing on the territory. Barbero operates in full compliance with regulations: our product is good for nature too. Eco-friendly solutions, care and attention to offer high-quality hazelnuts that respect the environment.


We have the good fortune to live in an area that loves hazelnuts. Tradition and passion accompany us in the selection of the best partners to carry out the harvest. CORIFRUT guarantees large quantities of product, grown with respect for tradition. We are able to fulfil orders for large quantities of hazelnuts and, above all, consistent supplies of product over time.


Quality is our goal. We know everything there is to know about hazelnuts, we respect them and we know how to choose the best fruits of each harvest. We work scrupulously to guarantee a high level of production year after year, fully respecting the aromatic and organoleptic properties of every hazelnut that enters our plant.