Selezione e lavorazione delle nocciole.


Choosing Barbero means placing your trust in real professionals, people who know everything there is to know about hazelnuts and every detail of their processing. Our company has been shelling and processing hazelnuts for over half a century: the care of hazelnuts is part of our DNA and we process them with passion and respect. Placing your trust in us means getting the very best from the fruits of the territory.


The Nocciola Piemonte PGI is a fruit with unique organoleptic characteristics and quality. It has a sweet flavour, persistent aroma and a crunchiness that makes it special from the first taste. Preserving its properties is our mission. This is why we go above and beyond, not only monitoring every stage of processing, but also paying the utmost attention to inspections during every phase of cultivation. We tend our hazelnut groves meticulously, from flowering to harvesting, without neglecting any step.


When carefully selected hazelnuts arrive at Barbero, they undergo a process that has been perfected over the years. The hazelnuts are shelled by regulated plates to minimise breakages. Limiting waste during processing allows us to keep prices stable and ensure large quantities of processed product. The hazelnut sorting process is partly automatic, performed by a machine with sensors and cameras, and partly manual, carried out by employees who visually inspect the hazelnuts and discard any with defects. Some of our shelled hazelnuts go to the raw market, while others are roasted and vacuum-packed as: Whole Roasted Hazelnuts, Chopped Hazelnuts and Ground Hazelnuts. Roasted hazelnuts are ground and refined to make a 100% pure hazelnut paste. The final stage of the process is packaging, in containers of various types depending on market requirements.
The packaged product is stored in temperature-controlled cells in our refrigerated warehouse until delivery.